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 Alane Foug   2022-03-16 15:13:02 

Hi Mike,

Met you in the WESST workshop yesterday. Having grown up in the Bay Area, Palo Alto in the 60's and 70's your work brings back several memories. Had an architect father who commuted on the train to San Francisco and I lived for a time in downtown Mountain View. I now live near that People's flower shop.
Very nice.
 Nathan Aaron Place   2016-05-22 14:08:42 

As a fellow visual artist and collector of graphical strong visuals Michael Kimball's art work has always drawn me into introspection and curiosity. If you are seeking a well established artist with a keen eye and solid studio hand this is the artist for you.
 stephen and Karen sugarman   2016-04-12 14:45:51 


We are hoping to connect with you as we would like to offer your works to our clients- tried sending you an email which did not  work.

LOve to make contact

Stephen Sugarman
 Tom Kenyon   2015-12-30 13:56:23 

Prints took me back to my time in the shipping business in SFO and Port of Oakland
 Jim OBrien   2014-12-26 15:30:23 

Hi Mike,

Really like your work, especially the port of Oakland prints (Orient Lines and the like).  I know you're work is at City Art Gallery, but their site only shows one piece (Union Pacific).  Do you open your studio or have additional pieces at the Gallery?

 Chris   2014-10-28 12:19:05 

I was visiting my kid in SF for the weekend and happened upon your work at the City Art Gallery.  Ended up buying one of your shipyard series and and am now considering getting an accompanying piece online.  Wish the person at CAG had told me about the Open Studios, we definitely would have come!
 sarah   2012-11-18 12:12:57 

nice perspective, I wish I could see them in person. Marianne Antic is a dear friend of mine, she showed me this link.
 Julian Farnam   2012-09-11 10:38:57 

Just wanted to mention that I was walking through OAK yesterday and was completely captured by the The Big M.   Awesome print!   

 Dan   2012-03-04 11:33:50 

Dude, update your website.  How can your nephew learn from your fine example?
 Michael Bacigalupi   2012-03-03 17:34:24 

Love your stuff!  Oakland prints are magnificent!!
 Carrie Bourdeau   2011-11-08 05:46:02 

Super work! I lived in the Bay Area for a while - you capture the cargo containers, patterns, shapes... All perfectly!  Bravo. :-)
 Sandy Fischer Cvar   2011-05-22 11:16:39 

I am also a printmaker. I received my BFA from CSULB.  
Just a note to say that I enjoyed your work :) and would like to know when you might be showing in Southern CA.
 Tom Jackson   2011-04-01 17:40:55 

Saw the Cargo series at a gallery in the Mission district a couple of weeks ago, and loved them! Great work!
 Robz Sakovich   2011-03-27 22:15:56 

Love all the work,  your printmaking is incredible.
I feel lucky to be showing with you at Secession, hope to see you tomorrow at the set-up.

 R Wallace   2011-01-25 17:18:15 

 KYNN CROSBY   2011-01-02 18:12:38 

Great work; interested in your next open studio or other showing.
 Dennis Doo   2010-06-14 11:39:03 

Hi Mike:
Just wanted to let you know I changed my e-mail address recently. Hope to see you and your art work again soon.
Regards, Dennis Doo
 Leo Germano   2010-05-31 12:34:13 

Hi Mike, we met at your Open Studio on Bryant St. a couple of years ago, and I was impressed at how much of our imagery was similar, or similarly intentioned. I work pretty much mostly in Photoshop and use several filters and blends to give me a flattened and graphic feel to the subject. I hope to re-meet you at the upcoming East Bay Open Studios. We have at least two common friends, and it will be interesting to meet again and compare notes and friends.
Leo Germano
 Nancy Coleman   2010-05-24 14:46:37 

Good work, Mike. I have enjoyed seeing your prints online. I'll try to make open studios event to see it in person.
 moo   2010-03-05 00:54:39 

Where are the animals?
 David Owens   2010-02-02 19:14:57 

Nice work Mike,
I like the variety in your compositions. I enjoy especially the architectural print subjects. Very graphic and fresh, thanks for sharing!

 david owens   2010-02-02 18:54:26 

Hi Mike, love seeing your illustrations online. Where are you at these days?
I am up in Rogue River doing web dev and sometimes in Russia too.
david owens
one project i need to work more on ...
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