Mike Kimball
Cargo #1
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Ward Bail Bonds Acrylic Caltrain Engine 901 Acrylic Union Pacific Acrylic
Peña's Pontiac Acrylic 1964 Coupe de Ville Acrylic
East of Oro Grande Acrylic Teatro Theater Acrylic Market and Montgomery Digital/Graphics
The Byte Shop Acrylic Peoples' Flower Shop Digital/Graphics Maritime Plaza Building Digital/Graphics
Spivey's Drive In Acrylic New Montgomery St. Acrylic Market/Montgomery Acrylic Howard St. Oil
Howard Street Oil Chinatown parade Acrylic Reflection on 2nd & Market Acrylic
Shinkansen Acrylic Japanese Camera Acrylic Ginza Skyline Acrylic
Kabuki-cho Acrylic Shinjuku 1 Acrylic Shinjuku 2 Acrylic Just past Questa Acrylic
El Norteño Acrylic Bisti Basics Acrylic International Harvester Acrylic
Ford Ranger Acrylic Double Duty Dodge Digital/Graphics
Old Chevy Acrylic High Plains Dodge Acrylic
Chevy Stepside Acrylic Lucky Boy Etching
M&M tavern Etching Howard St. Etching Stevenson alley Etching
Tadich Grill Etching Montgomery St. Etching Cargo #1 Silkscreen
Cargo #2 Silkscreen Cargo #3 Silkscreen Cargo #4 Silkscreen
Cargo #5 Silkscreen Cargo #6 Silkscreen Mixed Oakland 2 Etching
Mixed Oakland 3 Etching Large Mandala Etching Oakland Orange 1 Etching
Oakland Orange 2 Etching Oakland Port crane Linocut Dock Hauler Linocut
20' TEU Linocut Oakland Sentinels Linocut the Magellan Linocut
1970 Boss Hoss Acrylic 1968 Corvette Acrylic 1970 Dexter Demon Acrylic
heavy chevy Acrylic Short Order Acrylic hairy hauler Acrylic
AMX II Acrylic firebird Acrylic python Acrylic
Cargo #1
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This is the first of six images in a six-image portfolio, in an edition of 12.

I have always been drawn to the extreme geometry and colors found in a shipping port. These images narrarate the various stages that containerized cargo can be seen at the nearby Port of Oakland.  

They are printed in palette of 8 colors that are common to each print.

These prints were created during my artist residency in the summer of 2005 at the Franz Masereel Centrum, in Kasterlee, Belgium.

The editioned prints have been curated by the the staff of the FM Center and feature the center's chop in the lower right below the artist signature.

These prints are the first half of a final 12-image portfolio of prints depicting
the shipping industry.

This suite of six prints are sold out.
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